push (title, detail, sound, tagId, suffix)

Send push notification (APNS or GCM) to iOS and/or Android device(s).


title: Title of the message. This will usually appear in the first line of the push.

detail: Detail of the message. This will usually appear in smaller font size beneath the title.

sound: Optional. Used in APNS (push to iOS devices) only. Can be "Default","Quack","Single Click","Sosumi","Temple","Uh oh","Voltage","Whit","Wild Eep", "moof","Bip","Boing","ChuToy","Clink-Klank","Droplet","Indigo","Laugh", or "Monkey".

tagId: Optional. Used in GCM (push to Android devices) only. Must be the uuid property of a tag whose name will be spoken on the Android device.

suffix: Optional. Used in GCM only. Can be "is_open", "has_moved", "is_open_for_too_long", "is_closed", "is_out_of_range", "is_back_in_range", "has_moved", "is_low_battery", "returned_to_normal_temperature", "is_too_dry", "is_too_humid", "detected_water", "detected_movement", or "timed_out".




If for some reason the push was not sent, the error will be logged, and the app will stop until the user restart it.