updated event

If an function is assigned to this event, any update (motion, periodic temperature update, temperature too low/too high/back to normal/out of range/in range/tag name edits, ...) to the tag will cause the handler to be called. The object passed in as the single argument to the handler will contain properties listed in tags-kumosensors-kumostats to be accessed to get the updated information.

For example, below code will alert you if a tag's signal strength has dropped a configured threshold; this will allow you to implement "out-of-range" notification with programmable range.
<#tags_[12]_N#>.updated=function(tag){ if(tag.rssi < <%threshold_N%>){ <~devices to send push~>.push(tag.name + " has gone too far away.", "signal strength is " + tag.rssi + " dBm"); } };