My OAuth2 Apps

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1. Redirect User to Our Login Page

Our OAuth2 authorize URL is as follows.

https://www.mytaglist.com/oauth2/authorize.aspx?client_id=[client ID of your app]&state=[state, optional]&redirect_uri=[the URL you have to receive code, if missing, default redirect URL configured with your app will be used]

2. If User Grants Access to Your App

The user's browser will be redirected to

302 [Redirect URL]?code=[code]&state=[state, optional]

3. Obtain Access Token

From your server, without going through user's browser, HTTP POST to below URL.

curl -X POST https://www.mytaglist.com/oauth2/access_token.aspx -d 'client_id=[client ID of your app]&client_secret=[client secret of your app]&code=[code given in step 2]'

Our server will return

access_token=[access token, save this]

4. Use Access Token to Call Our JSON API

You can call any of our Wireless Tag JSON APIs that would otherwise require login using the access token. For example,

curl -X POST https://www.mytaglist.com/ethClient.asmx/Beep -d '{id:1, beepDuration:1001}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer [access token you saved in step 3]'