<#description_[type code 1|type code 2|...]_1 or N#>

This is a placeholder for tags, KumoSensors, Thermostats or WeMo switches. The app will allow users to pick one or multiple(N) tags from available tags with the specified types.

The type code is as follows:

sensor name type code
Motion Sensor Tag (8-bit temperature) 12
Motion Sensor Tag (13-bit temperature+humidity) 13
Motion Sensor Tag Pro 21
Motion Sensor Tag Pro ALS (Ambient Light Sensor) 26
Water/Soil Moisture Sensor 32
Quad Water-Leak Sensor 34
Outdoor Probes 42
Door/window (reed) KumoSensor 52
Thremostats 62
Infra-Red (PIR) KumoSensor 72
WeMo Switches/Maker/LED 82
Webcams (Dropcam) 92
External Power Sensor 102
External Power Sensor ALS 107

Depending on the type of the sensors/tags, these actions and events are available:


Events (properties to assign an event handler)