This is a placeholder for strings or number literals. If the description ends with "_N" the placeholder is for numbers, and the app will only allow user to input a decimal number, and inside the generated Javascript code, there will be no quotation mark added. Otherwise, the placeholder is a string, the app will not restrict the user input, and there will automatically be a double quotation added in the generated Javascript code.

Below is the configuration of the app "Send push every x minute from door/window opening until it is closed", coded like
timer[t.uuid]=KumoApp.setInterval(<%interval in minute_N%>*1000*60, function(){
            <~devices to send notification~>.push(t.name + "is open");

Unlike other placeholders, there is no event or property because this placeholder will be replaced with a Javascript literal instead of an object.

One typical use of this placeholder is with the KumoApp.Wp function that will run an event handler if matching post title is received by the fake WordPress receiver.