Wp(pattern, function)


pattern: A regular expression pattern that will be matched against newly posted blog title.

function: The function to be called when the match happens. Any newly posted blog will be checked against the pattern for once. The function can optionally take 1 argument which is the KumoApp object. The function can use the KumoApp.WpPostTitle property to get the blog title.


To set up IFTTT, simply choose "WordPress" as "then that", and configure the WordPress as follows: (i.e. enter "mytaglist.com" as the Blog URL and your login username and password)

Only title of the post is used and the rest of the post is ignored. If there is a new post, any previous post is overwritten. If you want to record all posts, you can write an KumoApp such as
KumoApp.Wp(".*", function(){KumoApp.Log(KumoApp.WpPostTitle);});
Then you can download the log for this App.